Women’s Alliance Program: October 5th

Mabel Leon – A Grannie For Peace! Come Join the Women’s Alliance! Thursday, October 5, 2017, at 11:45 at the Turf Tavern in Scotia. Mabel Leon will be our speaker. Mabel has been involved in activism for peace and Justice since the 1960’s. She has participated in the following movements: Civil Rights, Peace Activism, Women’s Liberation, Social Justice, and Liberation Struggles. Mabel has 33 years in the professional field of early childhood education and childcare. Mabel is an amateur photographer, taking many photos and has had several exhibits. She loves jazz, movies, and theater. She says “these activities energize me for my active life.” Lunch will be Beef Burgundy or Harvest Salad for $15. RSVP to Patti Foley-Hess at daytimewomensalliance@gmail.com or 399-2582. Curious about Mabel? Find more information about Mabel HERE!