Kat Wolfram

The (Un)Common Good

Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams once said that an unexamined faith is not worth living. As UUs, how do we assess what is good, what is common, and how do we make choices to live our lives contributing to the well-being of all?  

The Way of Listening

Listening to understand can shift our perceptions and tune what we think we know. How might the way we listen bring wholeness to our congregation, enrich our discussion groups, and prepare us to effectively meet the challenges in the world? Joel Gomez-Dossi – “Older Not Necessarily Wiser: Kat Wolfram:  “The Aha of Wholeness”

Story and Song

Sharing stories has been a part of every culture as a way to entertain, to educate, and more. As we share our stories, we share what is most important to us. We share a piece of us. Come join us as we drum and share our stories with you.

About the Journey

After 10-year-old Sabrina Pasterski learned to fly, a teacher asked, “That’s nice, but what have you done lately?” — so at age 12 Sabrina built and flew her own plane.  What inspires us to continue expanding our minds and hearts to live our own journeys throughout life