Join the Fun For UUSS Team!!

As many of you are aware, the former Adult Program Committee is now the Fun for UUSS team. Our congregation is growing and more people than ever are attending our fun events. So that we can continue having activities for all age groups, we need individuals from the congregation to lead and organize events. The Fun for UUSS team will assist event leaders in publicizing the event, reserving rooms in the church and arranging for reimbursement.

  • Upcoming events for which we need leaders are:
  • Holiday Party: lead decorator, entertainment for kids/babysitters for Nursery/parental oversight for older kids
  • Winter Camp In: usually held on the Martin Luther King weekend in January
  • Reserving spots for the Summer Camp Out: this needs to be done in January
  • Organizing the Summer Camp Out: the actual event takes place in August
  • Chili Cook Off: the event leader can decide whether it will be in February or March
  • Easter Egg Hunt: April 1

Please consider leading and organizing one of these events if you or members of your family enjoy attending the event. Contact Linda Veraska at for more information!