Alliance Special Appeals 2017!

The Women’s Alliance is seeking requests for donations from our Special Appeals Fund.  Over the years, we have awarded donations to a variety of organizations, including grants to the UUSS Soup Kitchen Committee, Green Sanctuary, Dining for Dollars, and the Youth Group.  We have also awarded donations to community non-profits such as SICM, the YWCA, and Planned Parenthood.  If you support a local non-profit group that would benefit from a grant, please let them know that money is available. The organization should send a letter including a brief description of their purpose, a request for a specific amount and an explanation for how the donation will be used. Submit requests to Crystal Hamelink, Special Appeals Committee Chair at UUSS, 1221 Wendell Avenue or by email at , by March 15. The members of the Alliance are pleased to help in this way!