The Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady Great Hall and other facilities are available for weddings. The facilities provide a special setting for your celebration.  UU Society of Schenectady hopes that your wedding will be a beautiful occasion filled with meaning and lasting memories for you. We are eager to help. Your decision to be married here suggests that you respect our liberal religious beliefs, and appreciate the beauty of our building.



Our Ministers, Reverend Lynn Gardner and Reverend Wendy Bartel, will officiate at weddings of church members.  If their schedule permits, they may also officiate at weddings of non-members.  All persons married by our ministers are required to meet with them to plan the wedding.

Victoria O Milne, a licensed wedding celebrant, also officiates weddings in the church; her contract and fee are established at the time of the initial consult with her.

If you wish to use an officiant other than our ministers, one of them must grant permission before the date is confirmed on the church calendar.

Sou20141004_153109nd Room Technician

A sound room technician is required whenever the public address system is used and also when recorded music is desired.

Flowers and Adornments

Flowers and decorations provided by the wedding party are always permissible.  Most local florists are familiar with our church procedures and know it is not permissible to put nails, tacks or tape into or on the woodwork. Please be sure your florist observes these restrictions. Rice, confetti, salt, sparkles,  birdseed, etc. shall not be thrown or placed inside or outside the building.

The License

The required New York State marriage license, which may be  applied for at any municipal office, is valid for the period beginning 24 hours after receipt and for 60 days following. The minister must receive the license no later than the time of rehearsal.

The Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is an essential preparation for wedding services. The rehearsal will last approximately 45 minutes. In addition to the couple, parents and the entire wedding party should attend. Everyone is urged to arrive early, so the rehearsal can begin and end on time.

Alcoholic Beverages

Prior approval by UU Society of Schenectady is required in advance at which alcoholic beverages will be served and further agrees to alcoholic beverages only in accordance with local and NYS Laws.

Outdoor Weddings

Our gardens and sculpture by Robert Blood provide an excellent setting for your small wedding. Some things to keep in mind:dsc_2758

  • The hill between the Great Hall and the flat part of our gardens may be difficult for some to navigate.
  • Due to uncertainty around the weather; there must be a plan in place to hold the wedding in the Great Hall. The officiant and UUSS staff will determine whether or not to hold the wedding indoors or outdoors based on the weather.  (Decision will be made and communicated by 10 AM the day of the wedding.)  Unless the decision has been made to hold it outdoors and bad weather intervenes, this decision will be final.
  • Although there may be no need for a sound technician outdoors, the acoustics inside the Great Hall require one. Therefore, the sound technician must be retained regardless of whether or not your wedding will be held outdoors.
  • Though our grounds and gardens are well maintained by volunteers, due to drainage issues and the slope of the hill, the ground is almost always soft.  Guests and wedding participants should be notified that spike heels are not advised. Chairs will be provided for seniors (please have seniors escorted to their seats.)

Please note the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady can not assume liability for falls or injuries on our property.

Wedding fees at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady:  Fees reflect the cost of providing space and includes four hours of use the day of wedding and one hour wedding rehearsal. 50% deposit due at booking. Balance due in the church office no later than four weeks before the wedding rehearsal.

Wedding (no reception)                                                           $1,225*
Includes Sanctuary and dressing space, Sound Technician and Custodial Staff

Wedding (with reception)                                                         $1,705*
Includes Sanctuary, Kitchen, Dining Room for reception and dressing space, Sound Technician and Custodial Staff

Minister Non-Member Ceremony
Costs are established in consultation for non-member with Officiant.

*Members: Persons who have been a member for at least one year, and have a current record of financial contribution. There is no fee charged to members for the minister, though an honorarium is permissible. Building use fee is at a reduced rate.