A congregation is a gem with many facets – education, administration, social justice, and of course, the Sunday morning worship service.  As we celebrate the ministry of education, we also explore the role and meaning of ministerial leadership in all its variety of message and meaning. Read sermon pdf here.

Our Blue Boat Home

The Christian holiday of Easter celebrates rebirth and regeneration for all life on this precious planet.  We deepen our sense of connection through story and song, reaffirming our Earth Day commitment to respect and nurture the interdependent web of all existence.  Traditional Easter Egg hunt happens after the service! Read sermon pdf here.

Awakening to the Promise

Passover and Palm Sunday provide a powerful reminder of loss and hope, and the power of human action to right deep wrongs and bring healing to the world.  With guest musician David Roth, we celebrate with words and music, encouraging our own awakening to fulfill the promise of the future.   Read sermon pdf here.

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