Creating the Future

The future is not something that happens to us; it is something we create in our lives each day, and in the dreaming we do for what may yet unfold.  As we dedicate our children and youth, we look to the promise that is in their hands. Read sermon pdf here.

Saving Daylight

This Sunday we “spring forward” and change the clocks, one more signal of the seasons’ turning and our movement through time.   If we were not mortal, time would not so much matter.  How do we live in a world where permanence and evanescence are always linked in our experience?   Read pdf here.

The Arc of the Universe

Unitarian minister Theodore Parker speculated that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice.  With our human hands we do the bending, acting in love.  As we make our financial commitments to this historic church, how do we shape our choices and actions so that love and justice may triumph?   Read pdf here.

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