Women’s Alliance: September 5th!

Volunteer Work Date! 10AM-Noon in the Dining Room!  Come spend a few hours with the Women’s Alliance spend and friends compiling Back to School Packets for Schenectady High School students. The Women’s Alliance Special Appeals underwrote buying of supplies. Many hands make light work.  Join us and bring a packed lunch and we’ll enjoy the time together.  Many students manage to get themselves to school but don’t have the basics for study and success.  What we do is a drop in the bucket, but makes a huge difference for those we help.

The Women’s Alliance is partially funding back to school starter kits for Schenectady High students this fall. Many arrive on campus with not so much as a pencil and while we cannot equip everyone, we can supply several hundred with notebooks filled with the basics to begin classes. When you are shopping, please keep this in mind. You can drop them off in the provided boxes at UUSS until 9/3.