UUSS Safety Team

The UUSS Safety Team needs your help. Are you an EMT? Have you had experience working with disruptive individuals? Have you helped to develop safety best practices for your job or at home? The UUSS Safety Team would love to know if you have these or other similar experiences. As the Safety Team continues to pursue and develop safety related goals for the congregation, we would love to know that we have considered all aspects of a particular project. Having your experience and background would help us in realizing these goals. Please contact Jenna Krotke at jmkrotke@gmail.com if you would like to share your experiences. Thank you!

UUSS Safety Team – General Announcement
The UUSS Safety Team is gearing up for another year of UUSS safety support! The team’s last major project was creating and implementing UUSS’s first fire evacuation procedure, which was successfully practiced in both the Great Hall and Waters House over the past year. If you are interested in joining or supporting the UUSS Safety Team in any capacity (regular or occasional support), feel free to email Jenna Krotke at jmkrotke@gmail.com to see how you can get involved!