The New Breadbasket: Redefining Our Daily Loaf

Thursday, April 27th, EBWA (Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance): What do gluten problems, surplus bread, and local flour mills have in common? Amy Halloran, author of The New Bread Basket, tells the story of how bread and beer are building community as a new band of farmers and food processors work to reinvent local grain systems.

Eating locally grown produce is widely popular. Less popular is growing, processing, eating locally grown grain. It is also more difficult as it requires more tools, land and co-operation. The New Bread Basket documents the revival of the local grain movement. Amy is a food activist, involved in many projects, from organizing the Troy farmer’s market and to making her favorite, pancakes!

Reservations for the meal at 6:15 are made with Gabrielle Reals by e-mailing her at by Monday, April 24 or by calling her at 382-5685 by Tuesday, April 25. You may request a gluten-free meal or bring your own meal if you prefer. Our meals are catered so please honor your reservation. If you come for the program only, please arrive by 7:45.

At a special time, between the social gathering at 5:45 and the serving of the meal at 6:15, Girl Scouts from UUSS will describe a service project they completed to fulfill the requirements for “My Promise, My Faith” badge. Please arrive in time to support and congratulate the girls.

Looking Ahead: On May 25, Sara Brenner, MD, MPH will present Implications of Nanotechnology on Human and Environmental Health.