Rev. Margret A. O'Neall

Celebrate Spring!

  We honor the seasons of new life with a joyful spirit, welcoming our newest members into the congregation and looking with hope to the future.  The children will join us for the last part of the service with a festive dancing of the Maypole! Read sermon pdf here


A congregation is a gem with many facets – education, administration, social justice, and of course, the Sunday morning worship service.  As we celebrate the ministry of education, we also explore the role and meaning of ministerial leadership in all its variety of message and meaning. Read sermon pdf here.

Our Blue Boat Home

The Christian holiday of Easter celebrates rebirth and regeneration for all life on this precious planet.  We deepen our sense of connection through story and song, reaffirming our Earth Day commitment to respect and nurture the interdependent web of all existence.  Traditional Easter Egg hunt happens after the service! Read sermon pdf here.

Awakening to the Promise

Passover and Palm Sunday provide a powerful reminder of loss and hope, and the power of human action to right deep wrongs and bring healing to the world.  With guest musician David Roth, we celebrate with words and music, encouraging our own awakening to fulfill the promise of the future.   Read sermon pdf here.

Breaking the Silence

On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before he was assassinated, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., provided a deep critique of the nation and its public policies.  In this anniversary year, we look at King’s words from today’s perspective, and prepare for the community commemoration on Thursday, April 6. Read pdf of sermon here.

Creating the Future

The future is not something that happens to us; it is something we create in our lives each day, and in the dreaming we do for what may yet unfold.  As we dedicate our children and youth, we look to the promise that is in their hands. Read sermon pdf here.

Saving Daylight

This Sunday we “spring forward” and change the clocks, one more signal of the seasons’ turning and our movement through time.   If we were not mortal, time would not so much matter.  How do we live in a world where permanence and evanescence are always linked in our experience?   Read pdf here.

The Arc of the Universe

Unitarian minister Theodore Parker speculated that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice.  With our human hands we do the bending, acting in love.  As we make our financial commitments to this historic church, how do we shape our choices and actions so that love and justice may triumph?   Read pdf here.

Love is the Spirit of This Church

How do we move from the loving connections that unify this congregation, flowing from the heart center of the mission statement, to the active practice of love as we go forth to live our values in the world?   Read pdf here.

Presidents and Precedents

As the nation celebrates Presidents Day weekend, let us take an opportunity to think about leadership, the models and examples from history, and how we may lead into a future of hope and vitality. Read pdf here.