Rev. Lynn Gardner

Answering the Call of Love

Accessibility is a justice issue and our language and practices can convey inclusion or unwelcome. What do we need to learn and do so we can answer the call of love more fully?  

A King, a Preacher, and Faith

450 years ago, in a small kingdom in Eastern Europe, something revolutionary happened. A Unitarian king, John Sigismund, was convinced by his minister and advisor, David Ferencz (often known as Francis David), to make declare that multiple religious traditions, not just that of the king, would be respected and protected.

To Stick with Love

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, said that he decided to stick with love, because hate is too big a burden to bear. Join us as we reflect on Dr. King’s legacy, and how love is needed today. We will celebrate Julie Rigano, on her final Sunday as Director of Lifespan Religious Education.

Let Our Souls Be Stirred 7pm

This evening contemplative service will call us to remember the ancient birth story of Jesus of Nazareth and how important it is to both wait in the dark and to call forth the light.

It’s in Every One of Us 10:30am

Join us for this family friendly Christmas Eve Morn service. There’ll be a child dedication, a special music ensemble, and stories to remind us that each one born has the potential to heal the world!

Celebration of Darkness and Light

As the days grow darker, our children, youth, and teachers in our RE program will share holidays from different faith traditions in our Light of Life program. We will celebrate the beauty of darkness and the light we share with each other.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Some folks get the blues in December. It may be that the days are getting shorter and colder, or that it is hard to avoid the sometimes overly-cheery, noisy holidays. It may be that there has been so much loss. This Sunday, we lift our spirits as we recognize new members to the congregation!

Bread of Life

  Let us gather to explore gratitude as a spiritual practice, and to share in a bread communion where all are welcome. For what are you grateful? What nourishes you? What nourishes this community? Both choirs will be part of this Sunday celebration.

The Start of Something Good

Our UUA Congregational Life Consultant, the Rev. Evin Carvill Zeimer, joins us for the whole weekend! Come hear about what has transpired and lean into the future of our new shared ministry!