Kim Kilby

The Promise and the Practice: An Invitation

The UUA Board made a promise to address our history of upholding white supremacy culture. Together, we can collectively work to dismantle it. This Sunday, we’ll center the lives of Black Unitarian Universalists as part of this campaign.


The final day of the calendar year is an ending and a beginning which reminds us of the importance of renewal, both with ourselves and with others, but with attention, we can find renewal any time of the year.

It’s in Every One of Us 10:30am

Join us for this family friendly Christmas Eve Morn service. There’ll be a child dedication, a special music ensemble, and stories to remind us that each one born has the potential to heal the world!


Taking responsible care of our bodies is a form of spiritual practice that leads to caring connections with others. Exploring challenges around and pathways to return to care of the sacred body temple, we can engage in spiritual practice that allows better care for ourselves and the lives around us. Read sermon here: