Minister’s Blog: United Against Hate

In February, I joined a local interfaith group called Schenectady Clergy Against Hate. In my first meeting with them, we discussed a variety of initiatives to promote the positive values of our faith traditions, and they shared a pledge they had written for members of local congregations to make for themselves – a pledge to stand for positive values, for love and acceptance, and to speak out and work against hate in all its forms.

On Sunday, February 12, we read the pledge together in the worship service, and passed it out on cards for people to sign, to take home as reminders, perhaps to read every day as a discipline of positive presence in the world. The cards will remain available at the Social Action table in the weeks to come.

I believe this is a time for us all to consider renewing our commitment to live our values, to affirm the ways in which we honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and to work actively for justice, equity and compassion in all human relations.

The pledge is designed to be a reminder for each of us to be the best we can, every day, and so I encourage you to sign it for yourself, and perhaps to read it over once each day as a reminder that our principles are more powerful when they are put into action in our lives.

This is important work we do together. I look forward to seeing you in church!