Minister’s Blog

Thank You and Farewell!:  Someone who has known me a long time told me recently that I seem more at peace in myself now than I have ever been, and they speculated that it might be, at least in part, because of the experience I have had here in Schenectady — an experience of mutual love and respect in a very remarkable productive and dynamic partnership with this congregation. And I think they may be right.

So now as I head west, first home to St. Louis for a couple of weeks, and then on to Phoenix at the end of July to begin my interim ministry at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix, I am filled with a sense of love and gratitude: gratitude for the wonderful send-off celebration you all put together on June 11; gratitude for all the amazing volunteers who showed up to help me with my move; and perhaps most of all, deep gratitude for every moment of every day in the past three years when I have enjoyed the privilege of being your minister. Thank you.

This congregation stands on the threshold of amazing new adventures, deepening and expanding your presence as a community of faith in these times when the world so deeply yearns for your presence — and I have every expectation that your partnership with Rev. Lynn and Rev. Wendy will take you to new levels of possibility.

So for now, farewell, and may the power of love be with you always. Margret