• Six weeks or more: Contact CLC with dates, time, location, and blurb about event (be sure to note all information you would like to know from a registrant, such as dietary preferences, childcare needs, etc.)
  • Two weeks: Check to see if there are child care needs and let the DLRE know so they can inform the nursery staff team.


  • Week of event: Make sure you have paper sign in sheet or a way to take attendance electronically via Breeze.
    • If you have a paper sign in sheet, you must input the information into Breeze between classes, if you have multiple classes.

Support materials/ handouts

  • One week before: If e-mailing materials, send out to entire class and co-facilitators a week before your class.
    • If you need paper handouts, make copies in the main office. The Office Administrator or Congregational Life Coordinator, can assist.

Publicize on Website

Adult Faith Development Page- Contact CLC and DLRE

  • Six weeks: Send full blurb with registration link, dates, times, locations, facilitators, and any pertinent info.  

Reminder e-mails

  • One week before the event: Draft email for participants and co-facilitators with reminder of event and any materials they need to have read or bring. You can send this e-mail through Breeze with these steps:
  1. Log onto Breeze
  2. In the search bar on the top left, search for the name of your class and hit enter.
  3. This should bring you to a page with the names of your participants in the middle column.
  4. On the right side of the page, there is a gray box. Select “E-mail people” in the gray box. A “Compose Message” pop-up box should appear.
  5. Click on the “Bcc:” line and include yourself in the list of recipients.
  6. Draft your email and press send.
  • Day before or of event: Send a reminder to those registered.

AFD table materials- flyers and sign-up sheets

  • Six weeks: Contact CLC with dates, time, location, and blurb about event and any additional questions you may want on the sign up sheet (i.e. food allergies). Send CLC a flyer to display with the sign-up sheet she will create. For your flyer, remember, brevity is the soul of wit!
    • CLC will include column for child care requests.
    • CLC inputs sign up sheet registration into Breeze.
  • Two weeks: Contact CLC to find out if there is a child care need. If so, refer to the “Childcare” section of this checklist.

Curriculum/outline of teaching material- if not set material

  • Four weeks before: meet with co-facilitators to discuss outline, logistics, supplies, room set-up, etc. Contact CLC or DLRE with any questions or requests for supplies.
  • Between classes: Contact co-facilitators between classes to debrief and make adjustments as needed.