This is the UU Schenectady Checklist for Events. This tool is to aid anyone who would like to host an event, such as an Adult Faith Development class series, a workshop, a community event, and more. It includes a list of all the tasks necessary to organize a successful event, when to do these tasks, who to contact, and how to complete each one. It is a step-by-step program to hosting a successful event!

The tasks are broken into three categories:

  • tasks that are necessary for the success of all events,
  • tasks that are necessary for the success of Adult Faith Development classes,
  • and optional tasks that you may need to consider for the success of your event, such as how to arrange food and beverages for your event, clean up, and collecting money.

Click on the header link for each category to find out more details on how to complete those tasks.


Necessary Tasks for All Events – Click for details

Room Reservations

  • Front Door Unlocking
  • Child Care
  • Room Setup Request If different from standard setup (see chart)
  • Publicity

Additional Necessary Tasks for Adult Faith Development Classes and Workshops- Click for details

  • Registration/RSVPs
  • Attendance
  • Support Material/Handouts (if relevant)
  • Publicize on Website AFD page
  • Reminder E-mails
  • Lifespan RE Table Supplies
  • Curriculum/Outline of Teaching Materials (if relevant)

Optional Tasks- Click for details

  • Flyers posted around buildings
  • Financial Concern
    • Paying guest teachers
    • Getting a cash box
    • Getting reimbursed
  • Food and Beverages
  • Clean up


 *When e-mailing custodian, please use the following format for the subject of your e-mail:

Day, Month, Date, Room, Time, Event

Example: Sun Sept 17 Emerson 5pm Potluck