The Aninger Fund is a trust fund created for the sole purpose of supporting leadership opportunities for the junior and senior youth of our congregation.

In the past, religious education youth have requested money to attend leadership and spiritual programs. Some excellent opportunities are available through the UUA and CERG and include, but are not limited to: Goldmine, General Assembly, District Assembly, Summer Seminary for Youth, Multicultural Leadership School (youth), and youth conferences. In return for the scholarship, the recipients share their experiences with the congregation through written work in Circles, participation in a service or a presentation at Coffee, Crullers and Conversations.

How and when do I apply?

Applying as an individual

The application deadline for leadership opportunities occurring this fall/winter is September 30th. Applications will be reviewed at the October RE Council meeting and any applications received after the September 30th deadline will not be considered until the April 2017 review (if they are still relevant.) Junior and Senior youth can download an individual application through the UUSS website, and submit the completed application to Robin Ahearn, Director of Lifespan Religious Education.

Applying for a group 

One application can be submitted for a group of youth participating in a service trip.  One member of the group should download and submit a group application on behalf of the group.  Group applications will be considered as they are received.

What happens to my application after it is received?

A committee of RE Team members will review each application to determine what amount, if any, will be awarded.  Decisions will be based on need, the relevance of the activity, other application requests, available funds, etc.  Recipients will be notified as soon as possible of their award.  After the activity they will be expected to share what they learned and how their own UU faith has been furthered through this experience.  In the past, this has been shared as an article in Circles, a presentation to Coffee and Crullers session which occur regularly before Sunday worship services or during a worship service.  Youth can choose the venue they are most comfortable with.   This must be completed no later than 4 months afterwards.