On a regular basis, congregants pose the question, “how can I help the R.E. Program?” Here are some ways to volunteer!
There is a task and a time commitment to meet anyone’s schedule. We need helpers and facilitators both well in advance and on the day(s) of every event. Please review the list below and contact both Carol Conyers at cconyers@nycap.rr.com and DLRE Robin Ahearn at dlre@uuschenectady.org to sign up or ask questions.

Our fabulous religious education program needs you. Deepen your relationships with others or tap on your laptop in solitude on behalf of the Program! Many of these events cannot be maintained this year without your help.
Join us!

Thanks, — Carol Conyers, R.E. Council (REC) Chair

Volunteer Opportunities

All these roles help ensure the smooth running of our Religious Education Program for the 2016-2017 year.

Substitute Teacher/Adult Fill-In: We maintain a list of background checked substitutes that our teachers can call on in the event that they are unavailable on a given Sunday. Volunteers on this list also may occasionally be asked to pitch in when we need an extra set of hands on a Sunday morning.

RE Greeter: The RE Greeter arrives to the Great Hall by 10am and is on duty at the Welcome Table until service begins at 10:30am. Detailed instructions are provided; the main duties involve talking with new families about the RE Program, answering questions, and having parents fill out Guest Information Forms if their children will be attending classes.

Sunday Supervisor: The Sunday Supervisor arrives to Waters House by 10am and stays through dismissal of classes around 11:50am. Detailed instructions are provided; the main duties involve checking in with teachers, double checking attendance numbers, and being on site to ensure everything goes smoothly with RE classes.

Help with Special Events: Throughout the year, we have special group RE activities that deepen our collective bonds, provide opportunities to socialize, and mark significant spiritual milestones. Participate at the level that works for you; join the Events Team, volunteer to organize just one specific event, or help with food prep, set up, or clean up for various events.

Supplies & Spaces Organizer: Pitch in to help sort, organize, and keep inventory of our RE supplies; assist with getting materials ready for teachers and classrooms; organize bulletin board displays around Waters House and the RE Hallway; help organize the library.

Future Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in any of these larger roles for next year, please let us know and someone will be in touch.

Summer RE Program
Teacher in children & youth RE Program Facilitator in Adult Faith Program
Adult Faith Development Team
RE Team Member