Registration for Summer RE is now OPEN!

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UU Schenectady is proud to offer religious education classes all year round! In July and August, we offer a multi-age class  for children in 1st-5th grades. This summer, our curriculum is “Passions of Our Community.” Join us in the summer for religious education classes and multigenerational worship!

Our Summer RE class takes place in the room next to the nursery in the RE Hallway of the main building. Children go outside, weather permitting. If you are not registered, please sign your child(ren) into and out of the classroom each Sunday. Summer RE is our only drop-in class for children and youth.

Nursery care is available during summer worship for children up to kindergarten age.


Passions of Our Community

This summer our curriculum will be “Passions of Our Community.” Members of the congregation can come and share their passions and love of learning with our kids in RE.

As Mark Twain allegedly said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” This summer, we want to show our youngest children what learning can look like outside of their traditional classroom and that learning happens at all ages. By having members of the congregation come and share their passions, they are showing our children what learning for learning’s sake can look like and how fun it can be. We will be learning about yoga, storytelling, meteorology, meditation, our natural world, and more!

Equally important, when members come and share their passions, they are sharing a bit of themselves. They are introducing themselves in a new way to the kids in the classroom. We strengthen our intergenerational relationships and creating a more cohesive multigenerational community.

So what’s your passion? Yodeling? Making origami? Knitting? Volleyball? How are you going to delve deeper into your passion this summer?

If you are interested in sharing your passion in Summer RE this summer, or would like to discuss our Summer RE program some more, please e-mail Robin Ahearn, our Director of Lifespan Religious Education at