From the RE Community Covenanting session on Oct 1, 2017

As adult members of the UU Schenectady religious education program for children and youth, we are aware of that have a unique relationship in our RE community. We covenant to:

  • Share the learning from Sunday
  • Express gratitude
  • Communicate with each other:
    • Logistics in a timely manner with as much advance notice as possible, especially when involving events or activities outside of normal RE time
    • The learning styles and needs of the children and youth
    • How to best communicate with each other
  • Have an openness to listen
  • Be aware of the policies of the RE program
  • Be aware of all the volunteers in the RE program, including the Sunday Supervisors, RE Team Liaisons, the teachers, and the RE Team members
  • Show respect by dropping off children no earlier than 10:15am and picking up children no later than 11:50am
  • Have a respectful partnership as we are all religious educators for the children and youth in our program directly or indirectly


There will be another RE Community Covenanting session on December 3rd at 12pm to see how we’re doing with our covenant and make changes to our living document as needed.