The Coming of Age program at Unitarian Universalist Society Schenectady offers eighth and ninth graders an engaging and structured atmosphere in which to explore significant issues at this transitional stage of life.
Coming of Age provides a modern Rite of Passage experience that welcomes and affirms youth as they embark on their new journey towards young adulthood. This curricula is offered every other year and will be offered again in 2017-2018.

Because of the nature of the class and additional outside trips, there is a fee associated with it. The fee is sliding scale in an effort to make it accessible to everyone. No youth will be turned away because of an inability to pay.

This fee does not cover the Boston Heritage trip. The youth will fundraise during the year for this trip.

Please contact Julie Rigano with any questions.

Some highlights of the program include:

  • Boston heritage trip
  • movie nights
  • development of a personal belief statement
  • learning about UU history
  • working with a mentor
  • community service project
  • end of the year celebration/party for the youth and their friends

There are four components to the Coming of Age program:

  • mentored learning that acknowledges and engages multiple learning styles
  • practical testing such as values clarification and physical challenges
  • ritual for both group and individual
  • celebration

Coming of Age offers parents/guardians of youth participant:

  • Support, with small group ministry- style gatherings throughout the year.
  • Respected members of our community as mentors and role models for your children
  • Safe, compassionate, loving religious community