Educational Programs for Adults

Learning and exploring spirituality never ends; it is a life-long process.

Do you have untapped potential?

Do you ever wish you had a clearer understanding of organizational dynamics where you work or volunteer? Do you wish you knew how to identify the right place and time to intervene to make a needed change? Do you wish you had an inexpensive and time-efficient way to build some new skills to be effective where it matters?

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Most people think "children" when they hear Religious Education, but religious education is a life-long process.

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Governance Study Process

Eight Sunday afternoon sessions thru March 15, 2015

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Long Strange Trip – An Exploration of UU History

Six Tuesday evenings – January 13 through February 17

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The Selma Awakening: How the Civil Rights Movement Tested and Changed Unitarian Universalism
by Rev. Mark D. Morrison-Reed

– available in paperback from the UUA Bookstore or, or the Kindle edition from Amazon.

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