Special Religious Services


The Unitarian Universalist Society has a number of special services that members look forward to. This shows part of our annual Water Communion Service.

When a member of the congregation dies, a memorial service for them is usually held in the Great Hall. Sometimes members of the family want to share portions of these services online. You can listen to sound files below, by clicking on the arrow in the graphic.


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On Sunday, January 6, 2013, the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady had our annual Young Adult service, in which college students return and share their experiences and observations since leaving our Senior Youth group.

Four of our young adults participated by writing and delivering their eloquent and thoughtful sermonettes.

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Love Beyond Belief


A Celebration of Unitarian Universalism Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 10:30am Round Lake Auditorium featuring Reverend Dr. Thandeeka. Please join us after the service for a picnic on the Auditorium Grounds. The service is multigenerational, involving people of all ages. We will also provide nursery care for our newborn to pre-K congregants at the Village Hall, about 50 yards from the Auditorium.

Parking is Easy! Just follow the signs. The Round Lake Auditorium is located a half mile off Northway Exit 11, at 2 Wesley Avenue. There will be a shuttle bus running from the Ball Field and Mulligan's Restaurant starting at 8:45. There will be attendants to help you park and find the Auditorium available.

Unitarian Universalists have some holiday rituals that are unique to our faith: Water Communion and the Flower Communion are two. Both holidays are ceremonies that celebrate our Unitarian Universalist community and the importance of each individual's unique contributions to that community.

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Every year, our youth groups present one or more Sunday services, much anticipated by the adults in the congregation.

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Winter Solstice is a time of transition, as we move from the darkest days and quiet introspection to joyous celebration as the year turns.

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Poetry lovers of all ages join the annual UUSS Poetry Service, our tradition for the Sunday after Christmas. 

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Our biennial, medieval celebration of the winter solstice returns every other year with period costumes, music, dance, drama, magic and mayhem!

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Candlelight Vigil

December 13, 2009, 7:00-7:30pm
While the world’s leaders are meeting in Copenhagen, come join us as we meet together, light a candle, and stand for the Earth Sunday evening in front of the First Unitarian Society, 1221 Wendell Avenue, Schenectady. Bring a candle with a drip-guard cup or plate to protect your hands from hot wax.