Special Religious Services


The Unitarian Universalist Society has a number of special services that members look forward to. This shows part of our annual Water Communion Service.

When a member of the congregation dies, a memorial service for them is usually held in the Great Hall. Sometimes members of the family want to share portions of these services online. You can listen to sound files below, by clicking on the arrow in the graphic.


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Our biennial, medieval celebration of the winter solstice returns every other year with period costumes, music, dance, drama, magic and mayhem!

Next occurrence: December 2016.

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50 Years After Selma – Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed

Annual Capital Region UU Joint Worship Service 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015 (location to be determined)

Unitarian Universalists have some holiday rituals that are unique to our faith: Water Communion and the Flower Communion are two. Both holidays are ceremonies that celebrate our Unitarian Universalist community and the importance of each individual's unique contributions to that community.

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Every year, our youth groups present one or more Sunday services, much anticipated by the adults in the congregation.

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Poetry lovers of all ages join the annual UUSS Poetry Service, our tradition for the Sunday after Christmas. 

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