Our Religious Education program is run by our Director of Religious Education (DRE), Melissa MacKinnon, CRE, and our Religious Education (RE) Council. 

We are blessed to have a full-time DRE, who is also a credentialed religious educator (CRE). Our RE Council consists of eight elected members of the congregation and shares decision making with the DRE. Council members serve two-year terms and can serve up to three terms. Members are elected at the annual meeting in the spring.


If you have any questions about our RE program, you can email either Melissa or the RE Council with them.


Religious Education Council

Elected Council Member Position
2009 Jenn D'Arcy Chairperson
2014 Abby Winters-Bona  
2010 Joel Best Board Representative
2012 Carol Conyers Finance Representative
2014 Ed Kautz Buildings & Grounds Representative
2013 Ella Levasalmi Senior Youth Representative
2013 Danielle Regan Secretary
2013 Michelle Rivera-Landers Aninger Fund


You can contact Melissa MacKinnon, Director of Religious Education, with any questions by email or phone (518) 387-9373. Office hours are by appointment Wednesday-Friday, and other times as needed.