The congregation again expresses our appreciation for the remarkable excellence of the staff that we are so fortunate to have with us at UUSS. Gary Feinland has now updated this list of suggestions for things we can do to help them be as wonderful as they are.

For Helen Freeland and Ed Holen, Custodians:

If your group's meeting is cancelled at short notice, please call Helen, so she is informed that she does not need to turn on the heat, go out in the dark to put more salt on the apron, be available in case of need, or otherwise prepare for the meeting.

When your meeting is over, please have the last person out close the door to prevent heat hemorrhage into the Great Hall, and keep the room warm for the next group meeting there.
When locking the outside Church door, please turn and try the door, to be sure it does not open.

Please include washing the dining room table tops in your kitchen clean up, and if you start putting away tables and chairs, please check the calendar, or call Helen, (the number is posted in the hallway) to see if the tables and chairs need to be left for a juxtaposed event.

Please make sure Helen and Ed can still exit the Waters House driveway with their vehicle when a meeting takes place there.

For Melissa MacKinnon, DRE:


Religious education at UUSS is not what it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 or 40 years ago. It has changed as our culture has changed and continues to do so. It requires the whole congregation and that makes it a WIN-WIN situation, not a zero sum game (ie: I give up my time; I lose my time to do this work). Participating in RE isn't about losing something, it's about gaining a whole community and learning in the process.

Melissa's wish is for adults in this congregation to share their passions, hobbies and time with our children. She would love to know more about the interests and passions of our adults and help create opportunities for them to share that with children. Then we can create curriculum from our congregation with our RE Director providing plenty of support. Our summer RE program is a step in this direction. If you are an adult or older youth please consider volunteering one Sunday from June 20 - August 29 and sharing your passion with the children for one hour or assist another volunteer in doing this.

For Susan Marino, Office Manager:


Be aware of deadlines for announcements and reports and stick to them.

For Carolyn Sabol, Bookkeeper:


All checks written to UUSS should have a notation in the memo line as to what it's for (ie. pledge 2012-13, book sale, contribution, building fund, etc). Mind reading is not her specialty!

Sunday money counters: please face the money in one direction and fill out the top of the cash receipt slips with the name, account # (it's now on the money bags) and date. Don’t forget, we need two money counters and signatures.

All check requests should be filled out completely with the appropriate Committee Chair approval and put in Carolyn’s mailbox by Wednesday evening for checks to be written on Thursdays.

For Gareth (Gary) Griffiths, Music Director:

Voices carry in the Great Hall more than most people think. Even when you are in the very back or a corner of the Hall, others can hear your private conversations. When an instrumentalist (member OR guest) is warming up or choirs are warming up (especially Jr. Choir) before a service it can be difficult to hear themselves with all the background noise. They don’t call it the Whisperdome for nothing!

We always need volunteers for Revels - from baking cookies to making punch to ushering. Please volunteer to help in some way with this big event!

New singers are always welcome in the Society Choir – especially tenors and altos!

For Priscilla Richter, Minister:


We have a shared ministry, not the Minister’s alone. In this, the best way people can help the Minister is to become involved in the congregation. Building community takes all of us. Find a place to get involved--small group ministry, in a social action or Green Sanctuary project, teaching RE or otherwise volunteering there, becoming a Worship Associate, participating in our caring efforts. The list goes on. The more people who become involved and give generously, the stronger and healthier our congregation. This is the foundation of our ministry.