The Social Action Council (SAC) provides opportunity for political and social involvement by providing the congregation with information on activities and programs in the community and sponsoring specific programs.

 The members of the Social Action Council for 2015-2016 are:

  • Robin Schnell (Chairperson)
  • Mark Hyland (Treasurer)
  • Mary O'Keeffe (Board Representative)
  • Lisa Christenson
  • Allison Lee
  • Vicki Michela

To learn more about any existing activity or to volunteer to help with an activity, talk with any of the SAC members (we usually have a table with information on social action activities set up in the Great Hall following service) or send an e-mail to the SAC chair or to the entire Council.

Social Action Council meetings are often held on the last Monday of the month in the evening.  The next meeting is on April 25, 2016.  Anyone is welcome to attend an SAC meeting; you do not have to be an SAC member to attend.

More information on social action activities at UUSS is available under the circle heading "How We Serve & Care."  See the submenu for social action initiatives.