EBWA--Welcoming All Women of All Ages

December 18, 2014

"An EnCHANTing and Harmonious Evening" with Lois Porter

Lois Porter, a member of UUSS and EBWA, has drummed for over 20 years, and recently began playing the harmonium and chanting. The harmonium is an instrument used in the United States until organs became popular. Kirtan chanting comes from India’s bhakti devotional tradition. Mantras are words, phrases, and syllables that are repeated until they become integrated into the chanter’s consciousness. Using ancient Sanskrit mantras, the kirtan calls upon sacred energies which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles, and bring us back to the center of our being.

Meditation doesn't come easy for many people. Kirtan, an ancient participatory music experience, offers another method of centering. Without the work of mentally quieting the mind, kirtan can carry us to a place of quiet, to stillness. One of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world, kirtan uses call-and-response. Prepare for the spirit of the holidays as Lois leads us in chants in the kirtan tradition, accompanied by the harmonium.

Women can make reservations for the vegetarian meal served at 6:15 pm by e-mailing Gabrielle Reals at by Monday, December 15 or by calling her at 382-5685 by 8 pm Tuesday, December 16. If you require a gluten-free meal, please tell Gabrielle when making your reservation. Cost of the entire evening is $15. If you come for program only, the cost is $3; be sure to arrive before 8 pm.

Holiday time is time to gather gifts for distribution at the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter.  Traditionally we have brought packages of new panties along with gift wrappings.  We are requested to leave the packages unwrapped so they can be distributed according to correct size.  Larger sizes are in bigger demand.  If you would like to do something special, bring several packages.  Panties are not among the gifts that are commonly brought to the shelter and the women often arrive in emergency mode without preparation or planning.  The packages will be delivered after December 18, so please bring or send your gifts to the EBWA meeting.

To make reservations for the vegetarian meal served at 6:15, contact Gabrielle Reals at by Monday December 15 or call her at 382-5685 by 8 pm Tuesday December 16.  If you require a gluten-free meal please include that information when you make your reservation. If you wish to attend the program only, be sure to arrive before 8 pmCost of the evening including the meal is $15; program only is $3. 


Looking ahead:  On January 29, Cora Michelle Schroeter, MBA and Manager and District Constituent Liaison for Paul Tonko, will relate her Journey to the Role of Manager and Constituent Representative for a Congressman, and Issues of Importance to Women.


Next Steering Committee meeting, Wednesday, December 3 in the UUSS Emerson Room at 9:30 am.   We plan to meet in the morning for the December-February dates.  Come and join us!

We operate without elected officers.  All activities are coordinated by a steering committee of persons who simply like being a member of a group of all women.  Responsibilities are shared and rotated.  Help decide on programs, get to better know the women involved and double your enjoyment of EBWA.  For general information:  Contact Carol Hamblin, 861-6034;


More detailed information about EBWA meetings and policies can be found by opening the following link: http://tinyurl.com/WA-Evening-Branch.