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EBWA  April 30


Autism and Adulthood: Solving the Puzzle


“Autism” is a puzzling, challenging diagnosis.  It is even a difficult disorder to diagnosis as symptoms can include a wide range of behaviors.  Primarily it impairs the ability to communicate and interact and sometimes the ability to live independently.

Sara Mae Hickey is the only sibling of a woman with this diagnosis.  Sara Mae is also a woman who is dedicated to change and helping others.  Currently, she is immersed in solving the puzzle of improving the quality of life and creating employment opportunities for autistic adults so they can live more independently and participate in public life.   Perhaps more significantly, she has opened Puzzles Café on State St., Schenectady.

Autistic persons often receive services including job coaching and special training in communication and life skills.  However, under our current system, they “age out” when they become 21.  They and their families are left to manage the best they can without extra support. By hiring staff with the autistic diagnosis at Puzzles Café, Sara gives persons who have difficulty working in a less understanding environment a place of acceptance, self-respect and inclusion.  They also make good cookies!

To learn more and to catch some of the enthusiasm and energy of Sara Mae, check out www.puzzlesbakerycafe.com.  Then come to the EBWA meeting April 30 to hear this dedicated young woman talk about her endeavors.  Please arrive before 8 pm to hear the program ($3) or better yet come for dinner ($15) at 6:15 pm or for socializing from 5:30 pm.   Reservations are needed for the meal. Women can e-mail Gabrielle Reals at by Tuesday April 28 at 8 pm.  Gluten-free meals are available if requested with the reservation.  You may also bring your own meal if you prefer.


***Interested in selecting programs or learning more about how EBWA operates?  Join the next Steering Committee meetings Wednesday, April 8 at 7 pm in the Fireplace Room, and May 6, 7 pm in the Emerson Room. 



Looking ahead: On May 28 Kay Ihara and Kimiko Howe, members of the local Sogetsu Ikebana Study Group, will explain and create arrangements according to the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.


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