EBWA--Welcoming All Women of All Ages

November 20

"Wellness Through the Ages" with Kimberly Kilby, M.D.


Confused over whether to get a flu shot, have a mammogram, take supplementary vitamins, exclude animal fats from your diet……..?

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with what is medically recommended to help women stay healthy over their lifetimes. On November 20, Kimberly Kilby, MD will focus on making it simpler to understand what health issues you may face as you age and how to be proactive about your health. Some of the topics you will hear about will include recommended cancer screening tests, vaccinations, mental health, nutrition, and that maddening post-menopausal belly fat!

Dr. Kimberly Kilby is the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education at Albany Medical College in Albany, NY, where she oversees the clinical portions of the medical school curriculum.  She is also assistant professor of surgery and family medicine.  Around UUSS where she has been a member since January 2014, she is a member of the choir, serves with the music committee and is mother of two step-sons.  

To make reservations for the vegetarian meal served at 6:15, contact Gabrielle Reals at by Monday November 17 or call her at 382-5685 by 8 pm Tuesday November 18.  If you require a gluten free meal please include that information when you make your reservation. If you wish to attend the program only, be sure to arrive before 8 pmCost of the evening including the meal is $15; program only is $3. 


Looking ahead:  On December 18, Lois Porter, UUSS member, will present An EnCHANTing and Harmonious Evening featuring the harmonium and chanting.


Next Steering Committee meeting, Wednesday, December 3 in the UUSS Emerson Room at 9:30 am.   We plan to meet in the morning for the December-February dates.  Come and join us!

We operate without elected officers.  All activities are coordinated by a steering committee of persons who simply like being a member of a group of all women.  Responsibilities are shared and rotated.  Help decide on programs, get to better know the women involved and double your enjoyment of EBWA.  For general information:  Contact Carol Hamblin, 861-6034;


More detailed information about EBWA meetings and policies can be found by opening the following link: http://tinyurl.com/WA-Evening-Branch.