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EBWA  March 26



Mediation: A Passion and A Profession


“Can’t we just get along?” is a plaintive plea, a desperate hope---and a possibility--- through mediation and conflict resolution. 


Sarah Rudgers-Tysz, Executive Director of Mediation Matters, will join EBWA March 26 to have a conversation about mediation and conflict resolution. Mediation Matters is a roster of local community dispute resolution centers located throughout the capital region from Warren and Washington Counties south to Albany and Rensselaer Counties.


Sarah will talk about what mediation is---and is not.  She will share stories about the types of cases mediated, how cases are referred, the fundamental principles of mediation, and who can access the services.  Sarah will also share how to become a mediator and go into detail about who are the mediators serving on the Mediation Matters roster.



To make a reservation for the meal served at 6:15 women may e-mail Gabrielle Reals at  by Monday March 23 or call her before 8 pm Tuesday March 24.  If you would like a gluten-free meal, please request it when making your reservation.  To attend the program only, plan to arrive before 8 pm. For more time to socialize, join us from 5:30 pm for pre-dinner snacks and conversation.


***Interested in selecting programs or learning more about how EBWA operates?  Join the next Steering Committee meetings Wednesdays March 4 and April 1 at 9:30 am in the Fireplace Room. 


***Have you responded to the SURVEY eliciting ideas for the next program year?  Return the list of your suggestions to Carol Furman, or bring them to the meeting.


 Looking Ahead:  Sarah Mae Hickey, founder of Autism Initiative and owner of Puzzles Café, will present “Autism and Adulthood, Solving the Puzzle” on April 30. 


We operate without elected officers.  All activities are coordinated by a steering committee of persons who simply like being a member of a group of all women.  Responsibilities are shared and rotated.  Help decide on programs, get to better know the women involved and double your enjoyment of EBWA.  For general information:  Contact Carol Hamblin, 861-6034;


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