EBWA--Welcoming All Women of All Ages


EBWA June 18

Tour of the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College     


On June 18 at 5 pm EBWA members and guests will tour the “Tang” with museum educator Ginger Ertz.                  


The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College is unique. It is a museum with noteworthy collections of prints, Nigerian objects and more; it is an art gallery especially devoted to contemporary art.  Most of all, the Tang is a pioneer with a “mission of confronting important ideas through art from an interdisciplinary perspective”.  Several seemingly unrelated departments at the college often collaborate on a theme, such as class and society, and showcase the work at the Tang.


In addition to a tour of the Tang, internationally cited as a model for university museums, we will have dinner at 6 pm in theMurray Aikensdining hall---also a model ofits kind.It is a circular dining space offering multiple food stations serving a variety of fare.  Skidmore has significantly reduced foodwaste in the dining hall while maintaining a high standard of service, as an example of good environmental practice.


Carpooling is encouraged.  Drivers will meet at Wendell Ave. near the front of UUSS, leaving at 4 pm.  Other meeting points, with drivers leaving at 4 pm, are the Northway Exit 9 Park and Ride on Fire Road and Target Parking Lot on Route 50 on the southwest corner facing BankAmerica.  Neighbors might want to form their own carpool.  Parking is next to the Tang with directions on college roadside maps.


Women can make reservations for the tour and dinner with Gabrielle Reals by e-mailing her at  by Monday June 15 or by calling her at 382-5685 by 8 pm Tuesday June 16.  A fee of $15 covers both the cost of the tour and the dinner. 

***Interested in selecting programs or learning more about how EBWA operates?  Join the next Steering Committee meeting Wednesday, June 3 at 7 pm in the Fireplace Room. 

Looking ahead:    We hope to be able to get a group together during the summer for a day at Wiawaka on Lake George.


We operate without elected officers.  All activities are coordinated by a steering committee of persons who simply like being a member of a group of all women.  Responsibilities are shared and rotated.  Help decide on programs, get to better know the women involved and double your enjoyment of EBWA.  For general information:  Contact Carol Hamblin, 861-6034;


More detailed information about EBWA meetings and policies can be found by opening the following link: http://tinyurl.com/WA-Evening-Branch.