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EBWA May 28

Ikebana Floral Arrangement: Kay Ihara and Local Ikebana Group

Who doesn't like flowers? Flowers are beautiful gifts from nature. As children we picked clovers and violets wtih abandon. As adults we celebrate flowers in our gardens and on display in containers.

Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arrangement dating back seven centuries.  But Ikebana can be created by anyone at anytime and in any part of the world!  These arrangements are typically asymmetrical with emphasis on simplicity, space, and form reflecting Japanese aesthetic.  Plant parts such as branches, stems and leaves are considered vital components of the design as well;  it's not always just about the flowers.   Within Japan there are several schools of Ikebana, each with distinctive characteristics. 

Kay Ihara, Kimiko Howe and Mary Bohnet, members of the local chapter of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, one of the largest of Ikabana schools in Japan, will demonstrate making arrangements.  Kimiko and Mary are certified Ikebana teachers with 30 years experience and give demonstrations at the annual New York in Bloom at the NYS Museum.

Come and celebrate spring and the beauty of Mother Nature's gifts, and perhaps pick up a few ideas for your next floral creations.

To make reservations for the vegetarian dinner served at 6:15 e-mail Gabrielle Reals at by Monday May 25 or call her at 382-5685 no later than 8 pm Tuesday May 26.  A gluten free meal is available if requested with your reservation.  Come for socialization at 5:45, for networking about 7 pm or for the program only, before 8 pm.  Choose what fits your schedule.  If a vegetarian choice does not appeal, you may bring your own meal.

***Interested in selecting programs or learning more about how EBWA operates?  Join the next Steering Committee meetings Wednesday, April 8 at 7 pm in the Fireplace Room, and May 6, 7 pm in the Emerson Room. 

Looking ahead:     Ginger Ertz, museum educator, will give us a tour of the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College on June 18.  Watch Circuits for time and carpooling information. 


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