The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen provides breakfasts and lunches for families and individuals in need who have nowhere else to go for meals. The FUSS Soup Kitchen crew works seven Tuesdays a year to provide lunch for approximately 150 people. FUSS has participated actively in this program since 1983. The proceeds from chocolate sales at the FUSS Social Action table go to buy food for the Soup Kitchen.

How you can help:

  1. Volunteer on Mondays seven times a year, 10 am ? 1:15 pm, making soup and sandwiches, filling fruit cups, serving food and beverages and other general lunch preparation and cleanup tasks.

Call or email the FUSS contact person, Kendra Pratt, for more details on how to help. More information about the Soup Kitchen is also available at the Social Action table.

The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen is located at 222 Lafayette St., Schenectady, NY, 346-0222.