Gather for Game Night – January 12th

6-9pm in the Dining Room at UUSS

Settlers of Catan!  Carcassonne!  Ticket to Ride!  King of Tokyo!  Are you a board gamer?  Our first UUSS Game Night will happen on Friday January 12, 2018 in the Dining Room.  All ages are welcome. Bring your own dinner!  Board games will be provided from 6 – 9 PM on multiple tables for games lasting 30-90 minutes so you can try several in one night.  Card players are also welcome.  Feel free to bring your own games too, but please master the rules in advance!   Video games are not a part of this event.  No need to register in advance, just show up when you like.  Toys and smiling co-ministers to distract little kids will be part of the mix so parents can really enjoy themselves.  For more information, contact Steve Healey at