EBWA Program – October 26th

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic in New York State with speaker Glynnis S. Hunt.  MS Opioid addiction has received a lot of attention in the news the past several months On October 26 women who attend the Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance (EBWA) will have the opportunity to learn how New York State is dealing with this problem.  This presentation will provide a high-level overview of the activities the NYS Department of Health is engaging in to stem the tide of the opioid epidemic. There have been changes in the response by the Dept. of Health, and ongoing activities, lessons learned and next steps will be discussed.  Glynnis Hunt is the Department of Health’s Opioid Program Coordinator, and her talk is bound to be informative.  Don’t miss it!

All women are invited to attend the dinner and program.  Reservations for the meal at 6:15 are made with Gabrielle Reals by emailing her at ellegr3@gmail.com by Monday, October 23 or by calling her at 518-382-5685 by 8pm Tuesday, October 24th.  The cost of dinner and the program is $15 (the program alone is $3).  You may request a gluten-free meal or bring your own meal if you prefer.  Our meals are catered so please honor your reservation.  If you come for the program only, please arrive by 7:30pm.

Looking Ahead:  On November 16th, Darryl McGrath will present a program on the Pioneering Women Biologists of New York’s Raptor Recovery.