Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – November 28th

Greetings to you Good Readers of Circuits!  We hope you were able to have some time this past week in which you were able to find many things for which to be thankful. For some, this Tuesday is a day of giving. With the pressure of the holidays and gift giving, may you take some time today (whatever day you are reading this) and give yourself a moment of presence (not just presents), give yourself the gift of a mindful breath, give yourself permission to feel whatever you are feeling this holiday season.

Give something to UU Schenectady in the form of volunteering, praise, attendance, and/or money. Give something to the wider community, too, that demonstrates your religious values. And then, give each other the benefit of the doubt, give each other some extra compassion. The holidays bring up lots of different memories and emotions, expectations and hopes. Let’s all be a little gentle with ourselves and one another in the hustle and bustle, whether merry or sorrowful.

We mentioned at the Congregational Meeting to notice if anyone in your life might be lonely. Consider asking a friend, a neighbor, the barista, the grocery clerk, a relative, whomever you encounter in your day, to come to church with you sometime this month. Consider meeting someone new on a Sunday.

This week we’ll welcome our newest Members during worship! It’s everyone’s role to connect with new visitors and new members, to invite folks into participation, service, and ministry, not just the Membership Team’s. It’s everyone’s role to make space for one another, to be open to their gifts and perspectives. If you are feeling a little blue or under the weather right now, come on Sunday. You’ll be in good company! If you are feeling all holly jolly, come on Sunday. You’ll be in good company!

In faith,
Rev. Wendy and Rev. Lynn