Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – January 10th

We write this note as snow swirls and dances outside the window of the Ministers Study. It is so beautiful to watch-so many shapes and sizes, each snowflake unique in design. As we approach the anniversary of the birth of Dr. King, we lament how far away our nation has gotten from King’s dream and in turn, strengthen our commitment to do all we can to become more aware of and more practiced at disrupting and dismantling the acts of racism and bigotry in ourselves, in the congregation, and in our world.

Having a Black Lives Matter banner is important but it is not nearly enough unless we are also transforming the behaviors embedded in the culture of whiteness and the stranglehold of white supremacy culture that have impacted all of us. And the best way we know how to do this is to love, Love, LOVE and to stay focused on our UU values. This week and weekend, UUSS will be fully leaning into our mission-gathering in spiritual community (worship), celebrate with joy (game night), grow in compassion (winter’s hike, meetings, classes, caring) and create justice (transforming the message of Sunday’s service into action!)

We hope to see you this week!

In faith and in service to Love, Rev. Wendy and Rev. Lynn