Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – February 6th

Hello, dear ones~

It is February. It is beautifully snowy, and icy, and cold. Cupid’s Cabaret is coming up, with opportunities to laugh and enjoy music and desserts together, all in the cause of raising fun(d)s for the congregation. It is National Black History Month. It is the month of Valentines Day, which is a complicated holiday, at best. And, this past Sunday, Rev. Wendy and Kim Kilby joined with UU congregation around the country and continent, and offered a powerful service centering voices of Black Unitarian Universalists. All of this might have some of us feeling a bit tender, a bit defensive, a bit grateful, a bit vulnerable, a bit hopeful, or a bit of a mix. And, so, we invite you to be a bit gentle with yourselves and with one another. Find some way in the next couple of days to be kind. Breathe deeply and speak or write with care. Remember that discomfort and lack of safety are two very different things. Watch birds fly or the snow fall. Know you are enough. Reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while to say hello. Know we are here.  We love you~  Rev. Lynn and Rev. Wendy