Co-Minister’s Colloquy – December 5th

As we journey into December, we honor the many sources from which our living Unitarian Universalist tradition draws including many of the world’s religions, science, philosophy, direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder. This coming Sunday, our children and youth will lead our service to celebrate the darkness and the light of many of the holidays and holy days of this time of year.

We also invite you to honor the many feelings that the holiday season can bring up in you. Be gentle with yourselves and one another. Do one less thing (or 10!) to bring a bit of ease. Let some things be good enough-perfection is impossible anyways. Make room for grief, for joy, for heartache, and awe. This Sunday, join with the exuberance of our youth and children for worship and stay for the Fun for UUSS Team’s Homemade Holidays and Holiday Party!

With many blessings,

Rev. Wendy and Rev. Lynn