Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – December 12th

December greetings!

What a joy it was to be here on Sunday! There was energy in the air as choirs rehearsed, children and youth religious education classes prepared for worship, and folks were setting up for the afternoon’s festivities. There was a wonderful service, full of energy, sharing of holiday traditions, singing, drumming, and jumping/rolling/dancing over the yule logs, and then, a fantastic time of holiday celebration! This year, the Annual Focus of Ministry is to “build and strengthen our spiritual community.” There were multigenerational connections over the craft and gift-wrapping tables, laughter around the photo booth, conversations in the Emerson Room, angels preparing and cleaning up in the kitchen, joyous singing by the piano, and continued log-jumping in the Great Hall. Thanks to all those who organized and participated in worship, Homemade Holidays and the Holiday Party, who brought the Annual Focus of Ministry to life!

Hoping that folks are staying safe and warm as the weather gets colder and it becomes a bit more challenging to travel. Would you like to get to worship and other activities at UUSS and could use a ride, or would you be willing to share a ride with someone who lives near you? Please contact Carol Neff of the Caring Team at This would be such a gift to this community. With gratitude for the many ways that community is created and shared

~ Rev. Lynn & Rev. Wendy