Co-Ministers’ Colloquy

Honoring the many atrocities throughout humankind, we take this time now to focus on that for which we are so grateful. Many of you heard our report at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday and our list was not quite complete in listing our gratitude. This list won’t be complete either, yet German theologian, philosopher, and mystic Meister Eckhardt reminds us, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” So…

We are so grateful to:

the Ministerial Search Committee for all their work to bring us to NY; the Board of Trustees and the Board Advisory Committees that exist thus far and all the work they have been doing on the congregation’s behalf; the Ministry Teams and all the work they have been doing to minister to the congregation and beyond; all of you who volunteer in BIG and small ways; all of you who attend worship, meetings, classes, programs, and rehearsals.

We are so grateful to:

the fantastic staff here-Susan, Julie, Gary, Kristin, Helen, Ed, Graham, and all the childcare providers, Amanda, Jae, Nancy, Lienne, Sami Jo; those who care for children and youth in classes, in worship, at home, who model and instruct what it is to be a Unitarian Universalist; for those who care for the grounds and the buildings; who co-lead and participate in worship, those who monitor and track the numbers; those who sing the songs, play the music, and pour the beverages; those who quietly help behind the scenes; those who show up when they say they will, do what they said they would, by when they agreed…and those who ask for help and/or apologize when they can’t; to those who know how important (if also how challenging) it is for us to connect, collaborate, communicate, covenant, challenge, and cheer one another on.

Thank you to those who are helping us winterize, acclimate, and settle in; to those who voted to call us; to those who are striving to understand and to use inclusive language around abilities and pronouns and identities; to those who are grappling with privilege and how to use our gifts to heal and serve the world; to those who have offered care to us, to others in the congregation, and to yourselves.

Thank you to those who are reading this who haven’t attended worship in a while… we look forward to meeting you!

Thank you for your kindness and your trust! May this time of Thanksgrieving and Thanksgiving be bountiful with grace, mercy, compassion, and love!

In faith and with gratitude, Rev. Wendy and Rev. Lynn