Religious Education

From the Director of Lifespan RE

Neighboring Faiths (6th & 7th grade): Today we completed our trip to the Al-Hidaya Islamic Center in Latham, and it went very well. We were warmly greeted by several people who gave us a tour of the mosque and described the essential elements of Islam. Our hosts provided us with a large conference room to … Continued

Greetings from the Incoming DLRE

Hi Everyone! I am excited about becoming your new Director of Lifespan Religious Education and getting to know everyone. I am eager to grow and learn together with all of you! I currently live in Unadilla with the youngest of my four beautiful daughters, and I have two sassy and delightful granddaughters who make me … Continued

DLRE Hiring News

After reviewing materials from a number of applicants and hours of interviews, the DLRE Hiring Team is happy to announce that Robin Ahearn has accepted the position of Director of Lifespan Religious Education, and will begin at UUSS this coming Sunday, January 7th, so that she will have a chance to see classes in action. … Continued

RE Community Covenanting Dec 3rd, 12pm-1pm

In October, members of the RE Community including teachers, parents, advisor, and RE Team members, came together to create the RE Community Covenant for 2017-2018 which can be seen on the Learning pages of our website  On December 3rd, we ill have the opportunity to check in and see how we are doing and update … Continued


Word Choice:  By Julie Rigano  When I was growing up, my grandfather had a phrase he would say whenever a job was done, but not perfect: “Good enough for the girls we date.” It wasn’t until a few years after he passed that I realized how problematic that phrase is. Partly due to this phrase, I … Continued

Covenant Circles: A Place of Connection

A Covenant Circle is a small group where members get to know one another and deepen their own spirituality by participating together in discussions of topics of universal human significance. The spirit of community that develops in a group radiates outward, increasing the members’ connection to UUSchenectady and to the wider community. Covenant Circles offer: … Continued


Welcoming: September is a time of welcoming and beginning.The school year begins for our children and youth. Both Rosh Hashanah and Muharram, the Jewish and Islamic New Year respectively, are in September. Mabon, or the autumnal equinox, recognizes that the Earth is in balance for the day with equal number of hours of light and dark … Continued


What an Interim Minister Leaves Behind:  A few weeks ago, the first minister my family met at the congregation my parents still attend passed away. Her name was Rev. Cynthia Ward and she had a huge influence on my life. She gave my parents the spiritual home and foundation to raise three kids in the … Continued


Passions of Our Community: As our fall-spring RE schedule comes to a close, we are prepping for Summer RE here at UU Schenectady. This summer our curriculum will be “Passions of Our Community.” Members of the congregation can come and share their passions and love of learning with our kids in RE. As Mark Twain … Continued

DLRE Blog: Removing the White Lens

I have something to admit. The first time I heard the phrase Black Lives Matter, my first thought was, “Well, yeah, but don’t all lives matter?” I scrolled through my Facebook feed slightly offended that no one seemed to point out that my life mattered. After scrolling offended for a while, I started to realize … Continued