Religious Education

DLRE Blog: Removing the White Lens

I have something to admit. The first time I heard the phrase Black Lives Matter, my first thought was, “Well, yeah, but don’t all lives matter?” I scrolled through my Facebook feed slightly offended that no one seemed to point out that my life mattered. After scrolling offended for a while, I started to realize … Continued

DLRE Blog: Saving the World vs. Saving Yourself

by Julie Rigano  Lately I have been finding myself thinking back to an exercise we did in last year’s Coming of Age class. The class was told to choose between two options and then defend their choice. Some of the options were being kind or being popular, being independent or being cooperative, accepting all viewpoints … Continued

Youth Scholarship Opportunities

The Aninger Fund: These scholarships provide money for Junior and Senior youth to attend leadership and spiritual programs. Find out more and download application forms HERE. The deadline for applications is March 31.

Parenting from the Inside Out-A Circle of Trust

Sundays March 12 & 19, 7-8pm in WH Library: This is an informal covenant circle for parents to share experiences with child rearing in a safe and supportive environment. Come to either or both of the sessions. Childcare will be provided upon request. Facilitated by Mati Grieco-Hackett. Click here to register!

Getting To Know UU Spring 2017 Classes

Whether you just came through the church doors or have spent years trying to figure this place out, this small group workshop addresses the basics of what it means to be an active Unitarian Universalist, and provides an opportunity to connect with others who share your interests while you explore our historic liberal faith tradition. … Continued

Long Strange Trip: An Exploration of UU History

Wednesdays, February 8th – March 15th, 7 – 9 pm in the Dining Room. This 6-part DVD series & discussion class traces the history of Unitarian and Universalist thought and practice from the beginning of the Christian era to what we know today as Unitarian Universalism. Each session explores the challenges of a time period in … Continued

Religion in the Future! February 4th

5pm Potluck & 6pm Presentation & Discussion in the UUSS Dining Room. Child care provided!  How are the changes in our culture and the expectations of new generations changing the way we “do religion?” What does it mean to be religious, or to be part of a church community, in the new world that is … Continued

The Third Reconstruction: February 6th & 13th

Joining, We Create Justice: Mondays, Februay 6 & 13, 7-8:30 in the Dining Room: Follow up on the series on Race, The Power of Illusion and join the discussion.  Read The Third Reconstruction – How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear by Rev. Dr. William Barber. Book discussion February 6th & 13th … Continued

Annual Camp-In Schedule! January 14th-15th

We need to get a head-count (a mouth-count?) of how many people will be eating meals, so please signup HERE if you plan to be at the Saturday post-hike lunch, the Saturday evening Chili Dinner and/or the Sunday morning breakfast. (At that sign-up location, you can also note any food allergies/preferences.) Also, if you are … Continued

Julie Rigano, DLRE: New Year, New Learning

Happy New Year! With the New Year brings hope, revitalization, and new opportunities for growth and learning here at UU Schenectady!  We have new classes starting for our children and youth in January. Our K-1 Our Whole Lives (OWL) class ended in December so now in January, our K-1 class will be starting a new … Continued