President’s Column

John Reschovsky, President: November 2016

Governance Change Is Moving Ahead: The process of governance change at UUSS has now been ongoing for two years, first with many congregants taking part in our study sessions on church governance, then, with the formation of a Governance Task Force (GTF), followed by intensive work at every Board of Trustees meeting. During the first … Continued

President’s Blog – John Reschovsky: Sept. 2016

A Time for Change As summer comes to an end, church is shifting into high gear. I hope your summer has offered some joy and relaxation. For me, it has been an intense time but with much joy as Sandra and I are just completing the renovation of our property in the Adirondacks. The Board … Continued

President’s Column – June 2016

A few weeks ago, I attended the dedication ceremony in which a bronze bust of Charles Proteus Steinmetz was placed on the historic marker in the park adjacent to our church, once, the site of Steinmetz’s home. The ceremony was attended by dignitaries and city officials and a small assembly of local citizens including a handful of UUSS members. After all … Continued

President’s Column: Big Changes in Our Denomination

For many of us, our identity as a UU is tied so much more strongly to our own congregation than it is to the wider movement. I recall some thirty years ago, when we moved from Schenectady to Framingham, MA, we first visited the local UU church. It felt very foreign to me. Did you know that UU churches … Continued

President’s Column: Intentionality

As we enter into a new year and the midpoint of our planned time of transition, I am compelled to reflect on where we have come and where we have yet to go. When we began, we set goals for the transition and are moving forward aggressively on all of them. Member engagement seems to … Continued