Evening Branch Women’s Association (EBWA)

EBWA: This Region So Delightful to Ladies

June 15th – “This Region So Delightful to Ladies” – Hallie Bond, historian, author of several books and speaker on all things Adirondack, will speak to EBWA at the Kelly Adirondack Center, on June 15.  From Anna Constable, who went camping on Raquette Lake in 1850, to Anne LaBastille, who built a cabin on a … Continued

EBWA Program & Dinner – May 25th

Sara Brenner, MD, MPH: Nanotechnology and Human and Environmental Health: Dr. Sara Brenner is a national leader in better understanding the potential environmental challenges faced by those who work in the emerging nanotechnology field. Nanotechnology incorporates microscopic particles in myriad ways, including use in the health profession. While nanotechnology is sometimes used to improve health, … Continued

The New Breadbasket: Redefining Our Daily Loaf

Thursday, April 27th, EBWA (Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance): What do gluten problems, surplus bread, and local flour mills have in common? Amy Halloran, author of The New Bread Basket, tells the story of how bread and beer are building community as a new band of farmers and food processors work to reinvent local … Continued

“Moths, Birds and Landscaping-The Night Shift”

EBWA (Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance): On March 30th, naturalist Catherine Klatt will present her stunning photographs to illustrate the diversity and beauty of moths.  Her talk will explore the tight links between moths and birds, and unexpected ways that our home landscaping choices affect bird and insect populations. Far from being just little brown … Continued

Evening Branch of Women’s Alliance (EBWA)

February 24th – Immigration–The Maze: Leslie Thiele:  Immigration has been a political hot topic for over three decades, but most of the people commenting on it have little idea how the system for admission of immigrants, refugees and temporary workers actually functions.  Lack of knowledge leads to false judgments:  immigrants are accused of “not waiting their turn to … Continued

EBWA Program: January 26th

“Mushing in the Boundary Waters Wilderness of Minnesota”: Jean Quattrocchi. When world famous Arctic and polar explorer, Paul Schurke established a dogsled lodge in Ely, Minnesota, he “staffed” it with the world’s finest Canadian Inuit dogs, the original sled dogs of the high Arctic.  He also recruited handlers, including Jean Quattrocchi, long time member of the … Continued

EBWA Program & Dinner: December 15th

“Stranger in a Strange Land:  A Unitarian in Tel Aviv”  Join the Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance (EBWA) on December 15 to hear Peg Reich, longtime member of UUSS and EBWA, speak about her experiences living in Tel Aviv last winter.  She will describe her life there and show us pictures of Israel, an … Continued

EBWA Program: November 17th

Conserving and Connecting Communities:  Many of us enjoy biking, hiking, walking, bird watching, relaxing on a myriad of trails and paths in the Capital region. Some of us are involved in creating and maintaining this network for the pleasure of all of us. Probably few of us understand the effort and planning required to create … Continued

EBWA Program: October 27

Expanding Options at the End of Life: Changing the Law to Allow for Medical Aid in Dying in New York State Join Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance (EBWA) on October 27th to hear Corinne Carey, New York State Campaign Director of Compassion and Choices, an organization working to protect and expand options at the end of … Continued

The EBWA 2016-2017 Calendar

All women are welcome September 29th: Dr. Ellen McHale, author and executive director, N Y Folklore Society “Stable Views; Voices from the Thoroughbred Racetrack” Learn about the “backside” of the track about those who work daily with the horses, with little recognition or compensation. October 27th: Corinne Carey, of Compassion & Choices “Expanding Options at … Continued