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Many thanks to the lay leaders who served on the Hiring Team for our new Director of Lifespan Religious Education! This team worked from November through the end of December, and are so happy to have hired Robin Ahearn. Gratitude to Kamryn Almas, Noah Best, Glen D’Arcy, Allison Lee, and Trish Williams, for your energy, … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – January 10th

We write this note as snow swirls and dances outside the window of the Ministers Study. It is so beautiful to watch-so many shapes and sizes, each snowflake unique in design. As we approach the anniversary of the birth of Dr. King, we lament how far away our nation has gotten from King’s dream and … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – January 2nd, 2018

Happy Gregorian New Year! May we each find resolve as 2018 begins to make the coming year better than the last. May you know, deep in your bones, that you are connected to all of life and to this precious Earth. May you feel held by a Love that is deep and wide, and may … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – December 19th

Hello, dear UUSS community~ One of the things that drew us to this congregation was a strong Religious Education program for children and youth. We appreciate the opportunities to be part of this program during monthly multi-generational worship services, leading Children’s Chapels, and working with the Teams that support these programs.We also occasionally get to … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – December 12th

December greetings! What a joy it was to be here on Sunday! There was energy in the air as choirs rehearsed, children and youth religious education classes prepared for worship, and folks were setting up for the afternoon’s festivities. There was a wonderful service, full of energy, sharing of holiday traditions, singing, drumming, and jumping/rolling/dancing … Continued

Co-Minister’s Colloquy – December 5th

As we journey into December, we honor the many sources from which our living Unitarian Universalist tradition draws including many of the world’s religions, science, philosophy, direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder. This coming Sunday, our children and youth will lead our service to celebrate the darkness and the light of many of the … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Colloquy – November 28th

Greetings to you Good Readers of Circuits!  We hope you were able to have some time this past week in which you were able to find many things for which to be thankful. For some, this Tuesday is a day of giving. With the pressure of the holidays and gift giving, may you take some time … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Colloquy

Honoring the many atrocities throughout humankind, we take this time now to focus on that for which we are so grateful. Many of you heard our report at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday and our list was not quite complete in listing our gratitude. This list won’t be complete either, yet German theologian, philosopher, and … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Blog

It is a brave thing to grapple with our mortality, too. Though we live in a culture that seems to fear or at least wants us hide aging, there are some that respect our elders. Still, every single one of us is going to die, at least our physical bodies will. If we’ve dared to … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Blog

Every ending often involves a beginning and we have been deeply engaged in endings and beginnings. The search process involves a lot of excitement for the congregation. What it also means is another congregation will likely be entering an interim period. We are incredibly grateful to the staff and congregants of the Sierra Foothills Unitarian … Continued