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Co-Ministers’ Colloquy

Honoring the many atrocities throughout humankind, we take this time now to focus on that for which we are so grateful. Many of you heard our report at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday and our list was not quite complete in listing our gratitude. This list won’t be complete either, yet German theologian, philosopher, and … Continued

UUSS is seeking a Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Director of Lifespan Religious Education. Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady, membership 375, seeks full-time experienced, professional Director of Lifespan Religious Education to join our staff team during a time of new beginnings and growing energy in the congregation. Current enrollment for the children/youth Religious Education program is 134; programs include nursery-through-high school curricula, Coming of … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Blog

It is a brave thing to grapple with our mortality, too. Though we live in a culture that seems to fear or at least wants us hide aging, there are some that respect our elders. Still, every single one of us is going to die, at least our physical bodies will. If we’ve dared to … Continued

Join the Daytime Women’s Alliance

November 2nd, at 11:45 at the Turf Tavern! Kevin Millington is Vice President and past President of the Empire State Aerosciences Museum, located at the Schenectady County Airport in Glenville. In his position Kevin coordinates education and outreach programs at the museum and in the community.  He retired from the NYS Department of State where he worked for … Continued


Word Choice:  By Julie Rigano  When I was growing up, my grandfather had a phrase he would say whenever a job was done, but not perfect: “Good enough for the girls we date.” It wasn’t until a few years after he passed that I realized how problematic that phrase is. Partly due to this phrase, I … Continued

Co-Ministers’ Blog

Every ending often involves a beginning and we have been deeply engaged in endings and beginnings. The search process involves a lot of excitement for the congregation. What it also means is another congregation will likely be entering an interim period. We are incredibly grateful to the staff and congregants of the Sierra Foothills Unitarian … Continued


Welcoming: September is a time of welcoming and beginning.The school year begins for our children and youth. Both Rosh Hashanah and Muharram, the Jewish and Islamic New Year respectively, are in September. Mabon, or the autumnal equinox, recognizes that the Earth is in balance for the day with equal number of hours of light and dark … Continued

2017-2018 EBWA Calendar!

Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance September 28: “Heartstrings” with Maria Zemantauski, Fabulous flamenco-style guitarist and composer October 26: “The Opioid Addiction Crisis” with Glynis Hunt November 16: “Alone in this Remote Place: The Pioneering Women Biologists of New York’s Raptor Recovery” with Darryl McGrath, author of “Flight Paths”(“Flight Paths: A Field Journal of Hope, … Continued