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The Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance (EBWA) at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady is an informal organization open to all interested women. Since its beginning in the winter of 1981, the EBWA Steering Committee has set up monthly meetings (see below), usually on the last Thursday of the month. More than 300 women have participated in one, some or many of these get-togethers.

WINE, DINE, DONE BY 9! EBWA evenings are not limited to “working” women or single women, but are designated to meet the needs of those who want to be with, eat with, talk with, share with, laugh with — other women. Suppers are simple, usually catered, but arranged and set up by volunteers from the group. EBWA Programs are set up by the steering committee and deal with subjects identified in periodic surveys of the group. The fee charged for an EBWA evening covers the cost of the wine or juice, coffee, tea, supper, dishwashing, a modest speaker’s honorarium, and occasionally other minor expenses. The charge is $15; accommodation can be made for women on very limited income. When you make your reservation, indicate that you need an accommodation in the fee, and the treasurer will accept a ‘pay as you will’ donation.

Programs are held in the dining room at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady on Wendell Ave., unless otherwise indicated. Enter through the rear door of the church; disabled access is available.

Click here to see information about the current upcoming EBWA program.

EBWA participants are encouraged, but not required, to join the WOMEN’S ALLIANCE. Alliance dues of $15 cover costs of membership and will bring members a copy of the Alliance Membership Directory. The Women’s Alliance Membership Form is used to provide directory information when dues are submitted.

A further word or two —
About the program: the schedule is usually
5:30 – 6:15 wine, juice and socializing
6:15 supper
7:00 news, announcements, networking
7:45 / 8:00 program
9:00 adjourn
Women who wish to come after supper are welcome and are asked to contribute $3.00 toward coffee and speaker. However, please remember that the program order may change WITHOUT notice if the weather, the menu, or the speaker call for it. Therefore, it is NEVER ABSOLUTELY guaranteed that the program will be from 8-9. To be sure you miss nothing, come at 5:30!

About Reservations: the fee covers costs — sometimes a bit over, sometimes a bit under. It is essential to make a reservation by calling the designated number BY Tuesday night. You will be expected to honor your reservations, even if you cannot attend.

About Discounts: the steering committee recognizes the hardship it may cause for some women to have to hire a sitter AND have an evening out. Therefore, a discount is arranged if you have to hire a sitter. Please note this when you make your reservation and you will be charged only $7.50.

About Transportation: if you need a ride to an EBWA meeting, please ask if anyone from your area is attending when making your reservation for dinner.

About Contacting Us: For more information or questions, contact Carol Furman at cfurm13@gmail.com or 518-346-2746.
A FINAL WORD — EBWA programs are planned and arranged by women who are as busy as you, but who think it is important to bring women together. The steering committee meets about once a month and always looks for new faces. Women who have attended steering committee meetings have been heard to say that they are even more fun than regular meetings. And EBWA suppers are planned and arranged by women who are perhaps busier than you, but they do this so we can all have the opportunity to share our supper hour. When you become part of the group, we hope you, too, will find it is important enough in your life that you will give some of your time to make it work. Sign-ups are requested during many of the meetings.