EARTH CIRCLES – Earth Centered Spirituality 

Earth Circles UUSS is an informal group that meets to plan seasonal celebrations, observe Earth-centered holidays, drum, create community, establish connection, and learn more about Earth-centered spiritual traditions from around the world.  Earth Circles is open to everyone.  We work collegially, sharing ideas and respecting the different spiritual traditions practiced by our members.  We reach decisions through consensus.  We strive for shared leadership, involving as many as are willing, look for diversity of age, race, heritage, mobility, and sexual identity. We support outside native groups and activities such as the Two Row and Standing Rock.  UUSS Earth Circles is allied with the Prairyerth UU Fellowship, FUUSA Earth Spirits, SIHS (Seneca Indian Historical Society), and Midwest SOARRING (Save Our Aboriginal Rights & Remains).  Our activities compliment the environmental activities of UUSS Green Sanctuary.

Our Covenant Statement

“In a circle, all are equal. Our stewardship of the Earth comes from our reverence of nature and our spiritual connection to it.  Living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth, we give greetings and thanks to all of creation. We Are All Connected.

Earth Circles Calendar

Be sure to check UUSS website and the bulletin board in the long hall for updates.  Sign up for e-mail at for reminders and current information.

Summer Solstice Observance

Wednesday, June 21st at 7pm

A simple gathering around the fire in the garden or in the sanctuary.  “Standing for the People” – the Solstice Message for the People will be the teaching from the Anishinabeg tradition.  We will light the fire with the coals from the Earth Day Peace Fire in Chicago, spiral dance, chant, drum. Bring a natural object to give-away (rock, shell, flower, seed etc.), chair, and a snack.  —Earth Circles


Sunday Morning Worship Service

July 9, 10:30 am in Great Hall

“All Our Relations: The Sanctuary of Nature”

Earth Circles has planned a wonderful experiential multi-generational service for the whole congregation.  We will sing, drum, connect to all of creation, and spiral out of the Great Hall to toss flowers in the stream from the bridge next to church at the end of the service.  All are welcome.


Full Moon Drum Circles  – All Are Welcome!

Sunday, July 9, 7-8 pm in the garden or in the Great Hall.

Our usual drum circle plus a releasing of All Our Relations prayers in the fire.

Monday, August 7, 7-8 pm in the garden or the Great Hall


Cakes for the Queen of Heaven

Find the Goddess within and learn about the Feminine Divine from personal, historic, and cultural perspectives. This amazing interactive course in Feminist Thealogy is life-changing. Designed by UU minister, Rev. Shirley Ann Ranck, the Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum is internationally acclaimed, has birthed a movement, and inspired such books as The Red Tent and Mary Magdalene. Cakes is offered every few years at UUSS and this year will be led by Anne Mosher and Liz Murray.

Sundays, September 24-December 17 at 7pm in the Fireplace Room The Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady, 1221 Wendell Avenue.
Space is limited to 13. Reserve your place now! E-mail:

Sunday Morning Worship Service

August 6, 10:30 am in the Great Hall

­­­Earth Circles and Lois Porter’s drummers have been asked to provide drumming for this storytelling summer service.  All are welcome. Come and join in!

Peacemaker’s Circle

Members of this on-going Earth Circles class are on vacation for the summer.  Study sessions will resume September 11th.

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven

We are both happy and sad to announce that registration for this course is closed.    Classes start in September.

Seasonal Celebrations

Over 90 people gathered to celebrate the Winter Solstice last December.



Summer Solstice, Wednesday, June 21

Lammas (Midsummer) TBA


Whirling Rainbow Lodge

Every year or so, a new women’s circle starts.  The current WRL is committed to meet together through March 2017.  This on-going shared leadership monthly lodge is a closed circle.  It uses Jamie Sams’ book, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers and Melinda Perrin’s The Whirling Rainbow as a guide.  A new lodge will form in the fall.

Peacemaker Circles – 6-6:45 pm

This study group meets each month before the Full Moon Drum Circles in the Fireplace Room.  We will explore the basic tenets of The Peacemaker, the man who united the Haudenosaunee People into the Iroquois Confederacy leading them to lasting peace between their five nations.  Led by Seneca Wolf Clan teacher, Melinda Perrin.

Native Flute Making Workshop

Led by Eric Marczak, renowned woodworker, luthier, and native flute maker & musician.  Participants carved their own instruments.  The flutes will be dedicated at the February Full Moon Drum Circle.






Drum Making Workshop

The next drum making workshop is planned for Winter 2018

 Rattle-Making Workshops
The most recent workshop was in October 2016.