There are a variety of ways to get involved at UUSS – these include interest groups, as well as committees and councils.

Groups – Group descriptions may be found here:


Group Contact Open to
Earth Circles All Ages
Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance (EBWA) Email: Carol Hamblin Women
Junior Choir Email: Gareth Griffiths Children Grades Three and up
Men’s Luncheon Group Email: Bob Lillquest Men
Philosophy Group Email: Michael Foster Adults
Society Choir Email: Gareth Griffiths Adults (including high school students)
UU Men’s Group Email: Bill MacTiernan Men
UUSS Gardeners Email: Nancy Peterson All Ages
UUSS Investment Club Email: Simon Weinstein Adults
Women’s Alliance Email: Pat Lambert Adults



Committees and Councils

Committee/Council Open to? How do I join?
Elected Councils & Committees
Adult Programs Council (APC) Members elected – email Jill McGrath
Board of Trustees Members elected – email John Reschovsky
Religious Education Council (REC) Members elected – email Carol Conyers
Social Action Council (SAC) Members elected – email Robin Schell
Trust Committee Members elected – email Frank Coon
Volunteer Committees and Groups
Aesthetics Committee Members email Lara Turney
Archives Committee Members email Chuck Piotrowski
Assets Verification Committee Members email Ralph E. Smith
Buildings and Grounds Committee Members email Randy Jennings
Caring Team Anyone email Mike MacLaury
Finance Committee Members email Mike MacLaury
Green Sanctuary Anyone email Nancy Peterson
Membership Committee Members email Nancy Bogdanowicz or Kathy Fernandez
Memorials Anyone email Mike MacLaury
Music Committee Members email Gary Griffiths
Nominating Committee Members email Donald Whisenhunt
Personnel Committee Members email Mindy Whisenhunt
Soup Kitchen Committee Anyone email Kendra Pratt
Stewardship Committee Members email Mark Hyland
UUSS BUGS Anyone email Lisa Angle
UUSS Partner Church Committee Anyone email Dan Leonard
UUSS Gardeners Anyone  email Nancy Peterson or Ernie Hall