Our UUSS Candidates for Co-Ministry

Rev. Lynn Gardner and Rev. Wendy Bartel

The Ministerial Search Committee is thrilled to invite Rev. Lynn and Rev. Wendy to be our co-ministers! Their warmth, integrity, empathy, inspirational worship, respect for a variety of theological perspectives, love of music, passion for social justice, and commitment to wider denominational involvement are just a few of the MANY wonderful things they bring to their co-ministry. We are excited for our future together and look forward to Candidating Week, April 29-May 7. They will preach at UUSS on Sunday, April 30th and on Sunday, May 7th, and there will be many opportunities to meet them during the week (schedule to be posted soon). We will vote to call them as our Co-Ministers at a special congregational meeting following the service on May 7th, so mark your calendars and be sure to take part in this important event in the life of our church.

Please read below for a message from Rev. Lynn and Rev. Wendy:

Co-ministers + Congregation = Better Together

You’ll learn more about our background and our ministry in the coming weeks!

For now, here’s a little bit about us to give you as sense of us as people-Listed below are some of the many things in which we (each of us to varying degrees) are interested:

​Our families and friends-celebrating, eating, being together, conversations; Our small shy dog, Luna; Gardening; Music-singing, drumming, etc.; Yoga; Photography; Pokémon Go; Meditation; Social Media when used well; Dismantling the Patriarchy; Cooking healthy and yummy food; Stories; Hiking; Poetry; Time in or near Rivers and Lakes and Oceans and other bodies of water’ Sun Magazine; Reading good novels, the Red Sox and SF Giants (guess who is who!); Deep conversations; Exploring spiritual practices; Listening to lots of different genres of music from all over the world; Rainbow hunting; Camping; Finding exceptionally good gluten free pizza (a challenging task); Musical theatre, live music, art; Saying hello to folks as we pass them on the street (not everyone says hello back but we think extending kindness is an important spiritual/ communal based practice!)

We find pronouns to be a bit challenging.

Our language hasn’t yet caught up with our lived experiences of living life larger than the binary boxes of female and male can contain. Lynn’s pronouns of She, Her, Hers more or less work. They and theirs work too. Wendy would prefer a third pronoun that was in common usage and widely accepted. There are several to choose from but most people have never heard of them so for the most part, Wendy goes by Wendy. She, he, or they aren’t wrong pronouns, they just aren’t quite the right fit, a bit like a glove that fits a little too tightly. Thanks for being willing to practice with us. We want to know about your life, your ideas, your faith, and your pronouns too.

We are grateful that Unitarian Universalists are near the front of the line in making space for this developing understanding of the spectrum of gender identity and expression.

Open to the unfolding mystery, let us begin this new path together.

In anticipation,

Rev. Lynn and Rev. Wendy


Ministerial Search Committee

Ministerial Search

Committee members, from left:  Gary Feinland, Melissa McKinnon, Trish Williams, Eric Dahl, Kevin O’Connor, Mike MacLaury, Betsy Bittner

Ministerial Search Committee’s Covenant with the Congregation

Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady

We the members of the Ministerial Search Committee will . . .

Be grateful for each other and the trust bestowed upon us by the congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady.

Bring our best selves to the process.

Genuinely discern the congregation’s vision for a settled minister.

Adhere to the formal search process and best practices as outlined by the UUA Settlement Offices

Keep the congregation informed of the search process. We will share as much information as we can while respecting the people involved and the process.

Contact us: search@uuscenectady.org

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