There are many ways to get involved at UUSS. These include interest groups, teams, and committees.

A list of all of our groups, teams, and committees with contact information may be found here:

Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance (EBWA)

The Evening Branch of the Women’s Alliance (EBWA) at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady is an informal organization open to all interested women. Since its beginning in the winter of 1981, the EBWA Steering Committee has set up monthly meetings (see below), usually on the last Thursday of the month. More than 300 women have participated in one, some or many of these get-togethers.  Read more here:


There are two choirs at UUSS – a junior choir and the society choir.  More information about them and how to get involved is here.

Men’s Luncheon Groupmensluncheongroup320x240

The Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady (UUSS) Men’s Luncheon Group gathers the 3rd Thursday of each month at a local restaurant for conversation and good food and good times.

We have recently decided to meet the third Thursday of each month (with occasional exceptions). For April, November and December, lunches meet during a different week because of holiday conflicts. Recently we have gathered at the Edison Club, at 11:30am.

The UUSS Men’s Luncheon Group is open to new members. Please join us! For more information, email Bob Lillquist.

Philosophy Group

The UUSS Philosophy Group was begun in 1972 by minister Rudy Nemser. The group reads and discusses three or four books per year, chosen by the members. Readings generally fall into the categories of philosophy, religion, the classics, and occasionally a subject of current interest. Visitors are always welcome. The group meets every Wednesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in the Emerson room at UUSS.   More information about the Philosophy Group is here:

UU Men’s Group

The UU Men’s Group is a group of about a dozen men who meet the second Wednesday of every month to discuss a variety of topics of mutual interest.

Started over ten years ago, the group offers stimulating conversation and companionship. Although most members are retired, some are not. The UU Men’s Group meets September through June and is open to new members: men of all ages. For additional information, please email Bill MacTiernan.

UUSS Gardeners

UUSS Gardeners is a group dedicated to trying to keep our gardens lovely.
We are represented on the Buildings and Grounds Committee by Nancy Peterson. During the gardening season we try to have several members working at least once a week at times prearranged by email, depending on the weather.

Some members find it easier to work on their own and report their activities to the rest by email. Occasionally we will meet on a weekend, especially when we need a larger group for major tasks like raking or mulching. The Buildings & Grounds Committee will often help with major projects and we try to help when they need us. We are always happy to have more hands and are willing to teach people about caring for plants. Besides the fun of meeting other gardeners, members get to see the varying beauties and surprises of our extensive gardens. For more information, or to join us any time, email Nancy Peterson.

UUSS Investment Club

This group of about a dozen Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady (UUSS) members and friends meets once a month throughout the year.
Meetings are the first Monday of the month from 7:30 to 9:00 PM at the church in the Emerson Room. The purpose of the group is to have some fun with investments, thereby learning something about the markets and, maybe, making a little money.

Members contribute monthly, as little as $25 but sometimes more, and discuss how, when, and where to invest the group resources. The members all have other investment portfolios which may or may not mirror what the group is doing. The proceeds are taxed as a K-1 plan.

Interested persons are welcome to come to a meeting or two to decide if our approach appeals to them. Interested persons may email Simon Weinstein with any questions.

Women’s Alliance – Daytime

The purpose of the Women’s Alliance is to enrich the lives of the women in the congregation by providing opportunities for fellowship, sharing of common concerns, as well as serving the church, the community, and the denomination. You need not be a member of the Society to participate in Alliance activities.

The Daytime Group of the Women’s Alliance meets with a monthly luncheon, followed by a speaker or program which will stimulate, inform, and entertain with timely topics. This year many of our lunches will be at the Turf Tavern in Scotia; others will be in our dining rooms. We aim for simplicity and good nutrition. Our object is to have women interact in a relaxed fashion. Read more about the Women’s Alliance: