Timeline of connections between Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady and Kovasdomb Unitarian Church of Marosvásárhely.


Event: Date:
Applied for Partnership Winter 2002/2003
First Visit (by Rev. Russ Savage, Porters, Don Kerr, Nancy Peterson, Ted Turner) Fall 2003
Rev. Russ Savage’s Hungarian Summer Summer 2004
Second Visit (by Julia Schnell) Summer 2004
Rev. Russ Savage retires from FUSS, FUSS makes honorary donation to Stony Hill Summer 2005
Visit to FUSS by Albany Partner Church Minister Fall 2006
Third Visit (by Rev. Russ Savage, Nancy Peterson, Leonards) Fall 2006
Donations to Stony Hill Winter 2008, Fall 2009
Visit to FUSS by Rev. Csaba Kecskes and family Fall 2011
Fourth Visit     (by Leonards) Summer 2012
Fifth Visit             (by Porters) Fall 2012
Sixth Visit (by Rev. Priscilla Richter, MacLaurys, Schnells, Leonards, Charlie Hatch and Jill McGrath) Summer 2013
All-Church Gulyas Lunch Winter 2014
Donation to Stony Hill Church Summer 2014