Our new friends extend a warm welcome to the travelers.

After months of planning and correspondence, especially with John Dale, of the Unitarian Univeralist Association Partner Church Council, a delegation of FUSS members traveled in late October 2003 to Transylvania to visit our partner church. The party included our minister, Russ Savage, as well as Don Kerr, Nancy Peterson, Ted Turner, and Lois and Don Porter.FUSS Arrives in Transylvania


We were met at the airport in Budapest by Rev. Farkas Dínes, who drove the van, and Kolcsar Csilla, who was our translator and guide. They accompanied us for the next 6 days as we journeyed through Transylvania. The first day we drove some 9 hours from Budapest to Koloszvar. Once we crossed the border from Hungary, we were in the Transylvania region of Romania.





fussvisitspartnerchurch2There was a reception at the Marosvásárhely church, the evening of our arrival.










fussvisitspartnerchurch3Young members of the church performed a Hungarian folk dancing demonstration for our enjoyment. Then they invited us to join in!







fussvisitspartnerchurch4Rev. Nagy Laszlo, senior minister at Marosvásárhely, with Kolscár Csilla, our translator and guide (and daughter of the retired former minister) met with us.






fussvisitspartnerchurch5Gizi (Nagy Gizella, wife of Rev. Nagy Laszlo) baked a lovely cake, along with Rev. Jakabházi Erika, the Religious Education minister. They decorated it with the word “Viszontlátásra”, Hungarian for “Farewell”. Gizi insisted that Lois cut the cake.






fussvisitspartnerchurch6Throughout the visit, we ate magnificently. This feast was prepared at a country inn where the trout are grown in ponds on the grounds. We enjoyed delicious food, here and everywhere else we went!